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July 2, 2020

#AquariumOfThe World #SeaOfCortez #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky

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#AquariumOfThe World #SeaOfCortez #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069

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The Sea of Cortez: The Aquarium of the World. The Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California, has warm crystal clear waters on its southern end, where the coastline is filled with jungles, river mouths, estuaries and mangrove that house thousands of local and migratory bird species.

The Gulf of California is a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean that separates the Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland. It is bordered by the states of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora, and Sinaloa with a coastline of approximately 4,000 km. Rivers which flow into the Gulf of California include the Colorado, Fuerte, Mayo, Sinaloa, Sonora, and the Yaqui. The surface of the Gulf is about 160,000 km². Depths range from near-zero at its fording at the estuary near Yuma, Arizona, to in excess of 3,000 meters due to the complex geology, linked to Plate Tectonics.

#AquariumOfThe World #SeaOfCortez #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069

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June 29, 2020

#PuertoVallarta #Yoga #Wellness #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky

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Mexico’s Top Wellness Resort & Yoga Retreat

Xinalani is one of the foremost world-class yoga retreat centers in Mexico. Find an inspiring hideaway with beautiful rooms, healthy Mexican food and eco-friendly activities. As a wellness resort we provide an extraordinary setting to all who are dedicated to spiritual transformation and personal growth.

That is why we feature 6 amazing yoga studios immersed in nature. Join us in paradise and nurture your wellbeing.


June 11, 2020

#LosCabosWeddings #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky

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Los Cabos Weddings and Honeymoons!

From a beautiful oceanfront ceremony overlooking El Arco to a sophisticated soiree on the terrace of a luxury resort, #Los Cabos offers a plethora of stunning locations to exchange vows. As one of the most popular locations for #destination weddings in Mexico, Los Cabos can cater to any couple’s unique tastes and personalities. With a long list of award-winning hotels, no shortage of professional services or wedding planners ready to accommodate any budget or group size and a dramatic backdrop, brides and grooms can rest assured that no detail will be overlooked at Land’s End.

Apart from luxurious resort offerings, couples are urged to experience some of the natural wonders of Los Cabos. Lover’s Beach, named after the point where two seas unite, is renowned for its notably calm waters when compared to other surrounding beaches. Lover’s Beach is also home to internationally acclaimed landmark, Al Arco, a structure completely unique to Los Cabos. Water transportation is necessary to visit the picturesque beach, which creates a remote and exclusive escape for couples to enjoy.

The required paperwork for a marriage Los Cabos is similar to that required in the U.S., with the difference being that the nearest Mexican consulate must validate all documents (your hotel or wedding coordinator can assist with this process).

There are two forms of weddings performed in Mexico. One is the Civil Wedding which changes your marital status from single to married and is recognized as legal throughout the world; and the other ceremony is the religious, this kind ceremony does not change your marital status in Mexico or anywhere in the world. It is possible to have both the civil and non-denominational ceremony completing the legalities in the Judge’s chambers and having the minister for your sunset wedding at a location of your choice.

In Mexico, anyone can marry anyone! “Civil Wedding which changes your marital status from single to married and is recognized as legal throughout the world.” So whomever you want to say “I do” with, we can handle for you! All transportation, accommodations, ‘the wedding’ and everything from A to Z!  We have been doing so since 1985!

#LosCabosWeddings #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069

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June 2, 2020

#SeaOfCortez #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky

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Long before the term social distancing entered the lexicon, our savvy travelers were exploring the Sea of Cortez for exhilarating experiences amid idyllic desert isles and exuberant marine wildlife. Surprisingly close in travel terms, it offers the pure, unpeopled bliss of far remoter locations. Lots to discover! Astonishing variety: pygmy sperm and false killer whales; the largest and second largest of the whales—blue whales and fin whales; Bryde’s and sperm whales, plus super-pods of common, bottlenose, and spinner dolphins. With birds in the air, giant cardon cacti waving us ashore to hike uninhabited isles, and a light our team calls ‘photographers’ delight,’ it’s heart-gladdening here.
An average day in the Sea of Cortez! Getting to observe airborne and feeding manta rays thanks to our undersea specialist’s dive and video capture. Amazing!
A Variety of Wildlife in Astonishing Numbers
In many parts of the world our ships can attract a dolphin escort, but the super-pods we encounter in Baja are next-level incredible!

#SeaOfCortezCruises #SeaOfCortezExpeditions


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May 29, 2020

#PuertoVallartaGarzaBlanca #MexicoVacations #JessKalinowsky #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodca 90069

The Garza Blanca preserve has attracted the Hollywood jet set since Liz Taylor and Richard Burton filmed

The Night of the Iguana on these beautiful beaches in 1964. Today, the area’s namesake hotel still draws a glamorous crowd, thanks to the property’s infinity pool, private white-sand beach, and some of the largest hotel suites in Puerto Vallarta.

Discounted First Class Business Class and Coach Airfares Worldwide

JESS Kalinowsky Reservations 24/7/365


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Villa del Palmar Cancun Reservations 24/7/365

Villa del Palmar is a part of Playa Mujeres, a new resort development on the Caribbean with a Greg Norman golf course and tropical oceanfront grounds. It’s only 30 minutes from Cancún’s easily accessible international airport, but it’s a world away from the city’s party scene. The hotel’s 150 rooms on nine floors are spacious and functional, all with marble floors, terraces, kitchens or kitchenettes, and garden or ocean views. Some also have laundry rooms, Jacuzzis, and private sundecks. The upscale all-inclusive also has two restaurants that feature regional Mexican cuisine, as well as international favorites such as Japanese and American fare.

#BestValueVacations Since 1985
#JessKalinowsky 24|7|365
#DiscountAirfaresWorldwide First Business Coach
THE #BestValues #Tours, #Hotels, #Resorts,
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May 28, 2020

#LosCabos #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky

The only private beach resort in Los Cabos

Balanced by the Elements

Waves crash along the rocks, sending salty spray into air warmed by brilliant sunshine. This centuries-old rhythm helped shape Cabo’s Punta Ballena coastline, named for its resemblance to a whale’s tail. You’ll feel at harmony with the vivid sensations of Baja California.
Experience an array of spectacular dishes delivered with artful presentation and earnest passion for culinary excellence.  Chef Guillermo Gomez skillfully designs menus for each of the resort’s six restaurants including the newly reimagined  Cocina del Mar, set on a rocky promontory surrounded by crashing waves.
The resort is absolutely breathtaking, the restaurants are incredible with great food and cocktails, and the amenities, residents and rooms are to die for (as are all of the pools!).


From whale watching in the gentle waters of the Sea of Cortez to horseback riding through a deep desert canyon, Baja California is a world of contrasts that beckons to be explored.

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May 25, 2020

#PuertoVallartaMexicoVacations #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky

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Puerto Vallarta Getaway

Air, 6 Nights/ 7 Days, All Inclusive Air and Hotel Starting at $699.

Your Package Includes:

  • Roundtrip Airfare from your hometown to Puerto Vallarta
  • Spend 6 All Inclusive Nights at a Puerto Vallarta Resort. Located on a long stretch of golden sand beach in the heart of Banderas Bay, and framed by the striking Sierra Madre Mountains, Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa is the picture perfect location for your getaway. These amazing resorts are conveniently located only  minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport, so you will be sure to arrive quickly at your hassle-free destination. Take a stroll on the world famous El Malecón, explore the history of Old Town Vallarta, savor authentic Mexican cuisine, or simply sit back and enjoy the scenery. Puerto Vallarta treats families, couples and singles to Unlimited-Fun – where everything is included and every day is a new adventure.
  • All-inclusive packages available
  • Dive Packages available
  • Puerto Vallarta Resorts
  • Riviera Nayarit Resorts
  • Family Resorts
  • Adults only Resorts

#PuertoVallartaMexicoVacations #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069

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Names of travelers as they appear on passports. Home town airport name. Preferred dates of travel?  If you have a specific hotel resort you prefer, just let us know. Each vacation is planned with your wants, needs, desires,  expectations and budget. 

May 22, 2020

#MexicoRivieraMaya #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky

#MexicoRivieraMaya #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky
Located on Riviera Maya’s finest beach, the 24-hour all-inclusive
Resort is comprised of six resorts with over 3,500 rooms, and is ideal for all guests with its 27 restaurants, 24 bars, 14 pools, three theaters, three water parks, the U-Spa, convention center, shopping center, bowling alley and more. Premium Level accommodations boast spectacular views, unlimited access to specialty restaurants, concierge service and more.

“Coconut Island” the most emblematic drinks of the resort and the favorite of our guests. Ingredients

1 Natural Coconut

1 oz Curazao

1 ½ oz White Rum

2 oz coconut cream
Frappe ice

Riviera Maya’s finest beach, the 24-hour all-inclusive ¡Salud!

The #RivieraMaya is a tourism and resort district south of #Cancun, #Mexico. It straddles the coast, along the #Caribbean coastline of the state of #QuintanaRoo, located in the eastern portion of the #YucatánPeninsula. Historically, this district started at the city of #PlayaDelCarmen and ended at the village of #Tulum, although the towns of #PuertoMorelos, situated to the north of Playa del Carmen, as well as the town of #FelipeCarrilloPuerto, situated 40 kilometers to the south of Tulum, are both currently part of the Riviera Maya tourist corridor.

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Leading Hotels of the World

Globus Brands – Land Tours and River Cruises!
Globus Cosmos Monograms Avalon River Cruises

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Be sure to ask about your $25.00 per person discount for any international travel reservations!

#FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 is committed to providing the sophisticated traveler with a luxurious, gracious and authentic exposure to the world of travel, Friends Travel’s mission is to conserve the countries natural and cultural heritage, protect resources and endangered environment and to sustain and enrich indigenous rural communities.


Our expert Travel Consultants will design your customized itinerary with unique experiences and activities based on your special interests and budget.

We will quote you the best prices based on our worldwide buying power for air, hotels, cruise: river and ocean, transportation: air, auto, and rail and guiding services.

Peace of mind; travel with #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069. Our destination experts and vendors will be available when you are traveling for 24/7 assistance.

Thank you in advance for allowing us to assist with your travel arrangements!


May 21, 2020

#AmazingAdventures #ExcitingExpeditions #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky

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#TremendousTrips by Regions of the World

Polar Bear Tours

Meet the King of the Arctic roaming its wild tundra home on Hudson Bay in Churchill, Canada

U.S. National Parks Tours

Look for wolves in Yellowstone, gape at the Grand Canyon, hike Glacier’s alpine heights, and more!

Alaska & Northern Adventures

Get close to Alaska’s grizzlies, watch icebergs calve in Greenland, witness the wonder of the northern lights

African Safaris

Intimate wildlife adventures featuring uncrowded private reserves and remote luxury bush camps

Galapagos Tours

Meet amiable wildlife up close on expertly guided small-group explorations in the Enchanted Isles

Asia & Pacific Adventures

View endangered pandas, tigers, orangutans, pygmy elephants, rhinos, koalas & other wildlife

South America Adventures

From the Amazon to the Andes, from the Pantanal to Patagonia, explore this continent’s amazing biodiversity

Mexico & Central America Tours

Ecotourism adventures with gray whales, monarch butterflies, sea turtles, scarlet macaws & more!

Europe Adventures

Explore the wild side of Europe as we leave big cities behind to explore less-discovered natural wonders

Antarctica & Arctic Journeys

Commune with penguins, puffins and polar bears in the most remote wilderness areas on the planet

Photography Adventures

For avid photographers of all ability levels, with coaching from an expert naturalist–photographer guide

Adventure Cruises

Small-ship expedition voyages to the ends of the earth: explore polar regions, Amazon, Alaska & beyond
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